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Degree Show Space

I am happy with my final degree show space, it shows off my  products well without drawing attention away from my final designs. My space is well proportioned and has a shop window display feel which is suitable for my chosen market. I am happy that I took the decision to display all of my designs on the two arms rather then  the four I had originally planned because my space is simplistic and effective rather then cluttered. I was  worried that my space would look blank and spacious without my four arms but now realise its how you prepare and display your space and not how much work you can put on display.  I am happy that all my important and best work is on display in a minimalistic but effective way that presents my work to its full potential.

Stitch placements

digital stitch bridhouse placment with hand stitch and button flowers digital stitch hand stitch and applique floral placment digital stitch watering can placment digital stitch wellington with hand stitch flowers

I love these digital stitch, applique and hand stitch placements.  The texture of the combined digital stitch, the different stitches of the hand embroidery( chain stitch, running stitch and French knots)  and the appliqué add quality and make my designs more interesting.  I believe these would look lovely framed as one off designer pieces and I will continue to create designs like these on fabric in the future. Stitch is my passion and I will continue to push my growing knowledge and skills to better my future designs.



In my brief I stated I will be designing for material covered note books, which I still am. I have created one as an example. My placement designs (material stitched ones) are still intended for the note books. I have also created paper back notebooks as a more affordable alternative to the material covered ones.

I have also created ring binders with my border designs and phone cases with my repeat patterns. You wouldn’t usually see a phone case with gardening tools but I believe my colours work well together and my designs are strong enough to outweigh the actual motif, so all u see is a good design.

I have started to create candles with my design on them. People uses candles for all kinds of occasions, even outside for garden parties and BBQs , these are what my candles are intended for however thy could be used inside the home or given as a present. I have discovered from my research just how successful the candle industry is and I am confident they would work well in any situation.

CAD Visuals

coushin A4 copy LAPTOP SLEEVE copy PENSIL CASE copy wrapping paper copy

CAD Visuals

I am happy with my CADs because I was unable to do theses a few months ago but have successfully learnt how to bend and manipulate my designs around different shaped products to give them a realistic appearance.

I have decided to include CAD visuals in my final show to show how my designs would work on other product that I have decided not to create. I will do a CAD visual of gift wrap/ wrapping paper and laptop sleeve as extra stationery product. I will also do a CAD visual of cushions or interior design because I believe my designs will work well in that environment.

Setting up the show

My original plans for my degree show was to have all my products displayed on a desk with a shelf above and my 4 families displayed on a different ascending arm each. I was worried that my space would look cluttered and after a discussion with my tutors I have decided to have a series of 3 shelf’s one for my phone cases, one for the note books and the lowest will have my ring binders, candles and mugs placed on them. I will also have my 4 families on 2 arms instead of the original 4 to even out the background space and my designs. I also have a block of wood the height of the wall, a 3rd of the way into my space which I was worried about but I have now decided to use this to my advantage by using it as a divider for my final designs and products. By making these changes my space will look less cluttered and more inviting and professional.

1000 word reflection: Final Major Project

Daisy Jessica Dando


1000 word reflection for my final major project:

 Home Grown.



I chose my chosen theme of gardening with an emphasis on the dahlia flower because it is a theme that is important to me. It holds irreplaceable childhood memories of spending quality time with my granddad.  I have been purposely keeping this theme for my final major project because it is so important to me.  I have always enjoyed transforming florals into stitch and have done previous projects on florals,  but I have never used my favourite flower as reference to develop within stitch.



I started my initial research by collecting photographs of the beautiful Dahlias from my granddads garden and by doing some quick initial sketches as reference to develop in the workshops.  I also vested garden centres such as Band Q and the Range to look into different shapes and styles of garden tool and equipment like the watering cans and birdhouses.

Once I had collected a number of images, from shops, my own garden and magazine and the internet I then chose my colour pallet. I decided to go with the spring /summer colours for 2016 because they are bright and colourful which are two descriptive words that come to mind when I think of a garden.  The theme of gardening and flowers go well with the summer feeling,  it’s during the summer time that the flowers begin to bloom, birds begin to sing and many people spend a lot of time in their garden holding parties and BBQ’s.  The particular colour pallet I’ve chosen also holds many of the traditional colours for dahlias which helped when I referred back to my photographs as I wanted to keep my motifs as close to the real thing as possible.

I chose my customer because my designs are designs I would happily buy, they are bright and colourful and suit my personality.  My target market is females aged between 15- 25 years old.  Being in the middle of my target market (I’m currently 20 years old) these are the kind of designs I would love to find in the stationery shops.  I believe that my designs would be like by many females but most popular with 15-25 years old because they are colourful and fun, an older market would prefer something more classic or sophisticated perhaps, but in my opinion my designs would suite any age range, it’s all about the customer’s personality.


I chose stich as my main technique as it is a technique that I have developed the furthest and specialised in throughout my 3rd year at university. I have combined digital stitch, machine embroidery and hand stitch in this project to show the depth of my stitching skill. I originally planned on using applique as another technique and have done samples that are in my technical file but decided to stick with the stitch as my main technique for this project.  I have also developed my drawing skills during this project. Before this project I wouldn’t have included my own drawing within a final collection as I had little confidence in my drawing skills.  During this project I have realised that everyone’s drawing styles are different and just because they are different does not impact on the quality or the importance of the drawings and sketches.

I like the combination of the digital and my scanned in stich as it provides the texture and look of stich but gives me the ability to change the scale and positioning. Also as my confidence has grown I have also been able to include my own drawings from my sketch book in my designs.



I have chosen to create stationery products as paper is one of the cheapest materials and stationery is used by every one of all ages.  I really enjoyed the last consultancy project in which I created a line extension of greeting cards and decided to continue with the paper based products.

I have decided to create a material covered notebook, there’s something luxurious and high quality about a material covered note book compared to the glossy cardboard covered one.  I have included some repeat pattern card note books as a cheaper alternative the material covered one in my collection.

I have also decided to produce phone cases with my designs printed on them.  Everyone wants a fun colourful phone case; they want a unique one to encase their valuable phone. Although gardening equipment isn’t typically printed onto phone cases, the colour combinations and textures work well. They are interesting and not only digital, they are textured and look like material which is an added luxury.

I have decided to transfer my designs onto candle as the candle industry is massive. Candles are given to females for almost any occasion whether it is a birthday, Christmas, mother’s day, thank you or as a surprise gift.

Paper Chase, a major stationery company, also print their design onto mugs, tins, lunch boxes and other product that wouldn’t traditionally fall within the stationary market, yet their stationery designs work well on these product so I will try printing some of my placement stitch designs onto a mug to show evidence of the next design development stage.


CAD Visuals

I chose to do my CAD visuals on pencil cases, laptop sleeves and wrapping paper as they are product that my designs would complement in my opinion.  I have also decided to do one CAD visual on cushions to show an example of how my designs would work in the interior design market as an alternative to the stationery market.  I believe that selected motifs would work well for children fashion as well, on denim shorts pockets or as a panel on a girl’s summer dress. I also believe that with an alteration of colour my designs could possibly suit the baby market, if I change my colours to pastels, such as the birdhouses, and was to stitch them on a nice fleece they would look nice as a baby blanket.

I believe that my designs are very versatile, although they were originally designed for the stationery market they could be adapted to suit any market of the customers choice, they can be flexible which is good quality to have with any designs.

Drawing style

The confidence in my drawing skills have grown a lot during this project, before I would never include my own drawn images within a final collection. During this project I have realised that my drawings don’t look like others drawings but that doesn’t make them any less important, they are still good reference and the ones that are not the best can still be adapted and developed into stitch, applique, print or whatever technique of my choice.  I have my own drawing style and I have learnt to wok with my drawing abilities during this project. my drawing style is simplistic but with my Photoshop skills I am able to adapt them into something beautiful.

I will continue to accept my drawing style and develop further by drawing more in the future.